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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, that can be used by web sites to make a user's experience better.

The law states that we can store cookies on your machine if they are essential to the operation of this site but that for all others we need your permission to do so.

The 4mation IT website does use some non-essential cookies. We use cookies to gain useful information about how the website is used so that we can keep on improving it for our users.

We use Google Analytics, a popular web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help us to analyse how users use the site. It counts the number of visitors and tells us things about their behaviour overall – such as the typical length of stay on the site or the average number of pages a user views.

In addition to Google Analytics, we use cookies to store the number of times you have visited our website, which page(s) you view on our website and the order you viewed them in.

Some third party cookies may be used by services that appear on our pages. They are set by the operators of that service and are not in our control - Twitter, Facebook and Google.

What happens if I say 'no' to allowing cookies on the 4mation IT website?

The website will still work and you will be able to get the information you need from the site. But as we develop how the website works we will most likely rely on cookies to implement new features, aimed at helping you. For example if we begin to tailor the content to your interests as expressed by your browsing behaviour, disabling cookies will not allow you to benefit from this feature.

If you decline cookies then we will not be able to count your site usage in the statistics that we gather about use of the site.

By answering 'No' to cookies, we will have to use a single cookie to remember your answer for future visits to our website.

Currently you ARE allowing cookies on the 4mation IT website. Do you want to allow cookies on this website?

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