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At 4mation we are here to take you through every step in the software development process.

The following overview describes the processes involved in how we take your requirements and create a real benefit to your business:

Initial Meeting with you to discuss your requirements

Send you a break down of our understanding of the requirements

Write up a Proposal Document

Sign Customer Agreement

Write Business Specification

Develop Prototype

Develop System

Internal Testing

Deliver System

End User Testing

Software Acceptance

System Goes Live!

4mation provide a 90-day warranty so that any issues found once the software has ‘gone live’ will be corrected by us at no charge.

We also offer an annual maintenance agreement which will give you further peace of mind.

Although we love what we do, we will need paying :-)

We break the payments down into several stages:

The 1st payment is due after the Customer Agreement is signed. This would be for 50% of the development costs as detailed in the Proposal Document.

The 2nd payment will be at the Software Acceptance stage. This would be for 25% of the costs.

The Final payment will be once the 90 day warranty period ends for the remaining 25%.

The above is our standard payment structure and we feel that it is fair to both parties. However it is not set in stone, and can be negotiated depending on the scale of the project.

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